TCS performs ‘anti-epidemic’ ritual

[ Karda Natam ]
DAPORIJO, Apr 5: The Tagin Cultural Society [TCS] on Sunday performed the traditional ‘anti-epidemic’ ritual, Potor Panam, on the outskirts of the township here in Upper Subansiri district.
Potor Panam is basically a self-quarantine practice which has been observed by the community since time immemorial.
“During its practice, people restrict themselves from going out of their homes for a few days,” said TCS secretary-general Lardik Kare.
The self-quarantine in the district will continue till 10 April.
Kare said they took the decision to perform the ritual in view of the steep rise in Covid-19 positive cases. This Potor Panam was initiated by the TCS in collaboration with the Upper Subansiri district units of the Nyishi Elite Society and the Galo Welfare Society.
Entry of people and movement of vehicles in the district have been completely restricted. The entry points to the district from Likabali in Lower Siang and Ziro in Lower Subansiri have also been closed to human and vehicular movement.
A traditional altar, known as Yugang, which symbolizes Potor Panam, has been installed near Veterinary Colony. Similar altars have been installed on the road leading to Ziro, at Dumporijo and Mebigeko.
Kare informed that “no stone will be left unturned to combat Covid-19; hence, witnessing the graph of Covid-19 increasing day by day, we have to finally deal with it using the traditional way of controlling a pandemic.”