Roing police distribute rations, ‘adopt’ poor families

[ Karyir Riba ]
ROING, Apr 8: The police here in Lower Dibang Valley district have been distributing rations to the needy people residing in the district. Till date they have distributed around 500 kgs of rice, 100 kgs of daal, and 300 kgs of potatoes, apart from medicines and other essentials, to more than 80 families.
Forty families have reportedly been ‘adopted’ by the Roing police and will be provided with essential commodities twice a week.
These families have been identified on the basis of their lack of income. They do not have ration cards; they are not employed by any agency, and they live hand to mouth, informed a police source.
Apart from distributing rations, the police department is operating daily community kitchens at the Shantipur gate, besides operating such kitchens at the central Rehko here on a weekly basis, mainly for the daily wage earners and the elderly.