Capital DA identifies areas for setting up quarantine centres

BANDERDEWA, Apr 10: Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Komkar Dulom informed that the administration has identified various places in the capital region which will be converted into temporary quarantine centres once the stranded Arunachalees return to the state after the lockdown is lifted.
He said this while visiting the police training centre here on Friday. The DC said the government is “working on both Plan A and B in this regard.”
“If the lockdown is extended, then obviously they will not be able to come back and the government will look for other ways to help them. However, if the lockdown is lifted, we will keep all those who return to the state in the quarantine centres,” Dulom said.
“As per the list, around 120 are permanent residents of the capital complex. But there are a thousand others who will transit through the capital to go to the districts. Therefore, around three to four thousand people are expected to enter the capital. If they return, we will directly take them from the check gates to the government-run quarantine centres,” the DC informed.
He said the returnees would not be allowed to meet their families.
The DC, however, urged the stranded Arunachalees to remain where they are, at least till the end of this month.
“We understand that they are facing a lot of problems, but for their own safety and the state as a whole, it will be better if they stay back. During journey they will expose themselves and can become potential carrier of the coronavirus,” he said.