Breach of lockdown protocol by CJM reported

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, Apr 13: A serious breach of the Covid-19 lockdown protocol was reported at the Banderdewa check gate on Sunday, allowing Changlang Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Damge Niri, who was coming from Changlang via Assam, to enter the capital and go home instead of being put under quarantine.
Reportedly, it occurred at around 3 pm, when Additional District Magistrate Talo Potom along with his team of magistrates and police was monitoring the check gate.
Sources informed that Potom and Capital Complex DMO, Dr M Perme, allowed the CJM to go home at his request.
“I didn’t allow him to go. After my advice to maintain strict protocol, I left the place for other duties with my staff. Later I noticed and enquired about him. They said he had left the place after having his vehicle sanitized,” Dr Perme told this daily.
“As per protocol, the CJM was advised 14 days of quarantine at home or at a facility, although it was later learnt that he was on official duty,” the DMO said.
“His vehicle was sanitized and he was visiting the capital for a few hours. After accomplishment of his assignment, he left early and reached Changlang on Monday morning at 10:30, and confirmed his home-quarantine status,” Dr Perme informed.
The Arunachal Times has learnt that Niri was allowed to leave Itanagar along with his family on Monday morning. The ADM did not respond to the query sent by this daily.
Earlier, a patient from Likabali, who was coming from Guwahati, had been denied entry at the check gate, and a dialysis patient from Harmutty had also been denied entry.
Sources informed that the CJM did convince the ADM and the DMO that he was on official duty and would not go to any public places in Itanagar but return to Changlang early in the morning.
On being questioned, Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar said: “As far as movement of people is concerned, no interstate movement is allowed. But for operational purposes, if someone is going from far-flung areas to his working place within the districts, avoid using private vehicles. Use public transport.”