Org advocates transshipment of goods

ITANAGAR, Apr 21: The West Kameng Indigenous People’s Society (WKIPS) has urged the state government to put some restrictions on interstate movement of vehicles carrying essential items to West Kameng district, in view of the post-20 April relaxation during the second phase of the nationwide lockdown.
In a representation to the chief minister, the WKIPS said essential items, including construction materials, brought by vehicles should be transshipped at the Balemu and the Bhalukpong check gates.
“If the vehicles are allowed, then there is high chance of infected person entering West Kameng, Tawang and East Kameng districts, which will put all of us in trouble,” it said, adding that in the event that such vehicles are allowed in, “the driver and handyman should be changed at any cost.”
While commending the state government for the measures it has taken to fight Covid-19, the organization said no person, including students, coming from outside the state should be randomly allowed to enter the district.
“If a person is allowed to enter, then his or her travel history and health status should be verified by the competent authority, before the person is put in quarantine,” it said.
Assuring the government of its support in the fight against the pandemic, the organization advocated continuing with the lockdown “with minimum required activities, till the world is free from the pandemic.”