Respond in a civil manner

Dear Editor,
We are a group of researchers, filmmakers, writers and aspiring next-generation leaders who, like many others, are working for Arunachal Pradesh’ future – for its people and as well as its environment, of which we are a part.
We write about the reaction to the king cobra killing report. We urge the people to agree or disagree but respond in a civil form of engagement, no matter what the extent of their disagreement is.
There is no place for threats of violence and intimidation under any circumstance of disapproval, and we urge other women, and especially men, to call this out among their colleagues and inner circles.
Agreements and disagreements are healthy in all societies, and a healthy spirit of engagement should be fostered within uncompromising boundaries of civility for anything we will debate now and in the future.
Julee Jerang
Neyi Jamoh
Laxmi Langlang
Chajo Lowang
Feppy Tayem
Onam Perme
Shaleena Phinya
Dechin Pema Saingmo
Anoko Mega
Tallo Anthony
Khandu Thungon
Millo Tako
Rajen Tachang
Arjun Rai
Khandu Thungon
Dipen Rangmang
Paro Natung
Taju Miso
Leppo Mello
Pemba Tsering Romo