Remain alert

After the medical patients, the state government recently issued a notice informing that farmers, farm workers and farm officials stranded in the Itanagar capital region due to restriction on inter-district movement as part of the nationwide lockdown since 25 March will be assisted to move to their respective places of work or farms within Arunachal. This is a good move by the government. Not only medical patients and farmers, the government should extend help to every citizen who are stranded in the state capital. There are many who are staying with their relatives, friends, etc. Increasingly, they are finding it hard to survive in the capital region. With prices of food items skyrocketing, it is becoming a Herculean task for them to stay back here.
By strictly following the standard operating procedure (SOP), they should be allowed to return to their home districts. However, the government should work out a proper policy in this regard. Those who agree to follow the SOP should be allowed to go back. A written consent should be taken, so that later they don’t try to excuse themselves. Even though so far Arunachal has not been hit hard by Covid-19, still the government should not take any chances. Any kind of relaxation should come with stringent measures. It is a matter of deep concern that cases of Covid-19 continues to rise in India. Therefore the state has to remain alert and be prepared.