Heed the experts’ views

The lockdown which has been imposed in the country since 24 March to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the country will end on 3 May, unless the government of India decides to extend it. The decision as to whether to extend the lockdown or continue it only in select areas will be made in the next few days. However, it is becoming a serious issue. While the medical experts are appealing that it be extended at least till the middle of May, the business communities are desperately seeking easing of the lockdown.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday while holding a videoconference with the chief ministers said the lockdown could continue beyond 3 May in parts of the country worst affected by the pandemic which have been identified as hotspots or ‘red zones’. But it will be interesting to see how the government plans the exit strategy. The lockdown has come at a great cost. The economy has suffered and people are staring at major job loss across all sectors. The government is really caught between economy and health. Even in Arunachal, as the state government has started to ease the lockdown based on the MHA guidelines, the medical community has expressed fear over the move. The Indian Medical Association’s Arunachal chapter (IMA-AP) has suggested to state government to continue the lockdown upto 13 May. Even though Covid-19 has not hit the state hard, there still cannot be any room for complacency. In such kind of situation, it is better that the government listens to the advice of the health experts. The relaxation should be given with stringent measures.