Budhha Jayanti greetings

ITANAGAR, May 6: Governor BD Mishra and Chief Minister Pema Khandu have extended their heartiest greetings on the occasion of the pious Buddha Purnima.
The day commemorates the birth of Lord Buddha on full moon, which is also believed to be the day of death and enlightenment of Lord Buddha, all of which is said to take have taken place on the same day.
In his message, the governor said that “one of the greatest spiritual teachers of human history, Lord Buddha, the light of Asia, through his divinity showed us the glorious path of right conduct, non-violence, tolerance and universal brotherhood. His teachings have given solace and spiritual strength to the mankind. The eight noble paths shown by Lord Buddha encompass the entire wheel of dharma, with its central axis of ethical discipline.”
“I trust the auspicious occasion will strengthen the emotional integration, brotherhood and mutual understanding amongst our citizens and bring prosperity, happiness and tranquillity in the society,” he added.
A devout Buddhist himself, Khandu said Buddha Jayanti is always an important day in the lives of Buddhists but Buddha Purnima holds specific importance as it falls on a full moon day considered truly holy.
He called upon the people to take time out, irrespective of their religious affiliations, to reflect on Lord Buddha’s teachings of compassion, peace and honesty – virtues that are losing out to modern day’s materialistic cravings.
Khandu also appealed all to follow the guidelines circulated by the health department and keep safe by maintaining social distancing and following safety protocols.
“We are going through trying times due to the exponential spread of Covid-19. This Buddha Purnima let’s pray for wellbeing of all sentient beings,” he said. (Raj Bhavan/ CM’s PR Cell)