Woman claims she was locked from outside at QF, DA releases after mounting pressure

Staff Reporter
ITANAGAR, May 7: Sordid stories of unprepared and unhygienic quarantine facilities (QF) are emerging every day in Arunachal Pradesh. A purported video of a woman who was allegedly put into quarantine at Likabali in Lower Siang district has also surfaced.
The woman took a video of the facility recently, which has since gone viral.
“I have been brought to quarantine centre. Nothing is in order here. Fan is not functional; the bathroom is too far. I am all alone. If anyone is quarantined like this without any disease, they would fall sick,” the woman is heard saying while sobbing throughout the video.
She further claimed that the villagers forcibly put her into quarantine even though she was tested negative.
“The bathroom is unhygienic and I am locked from the outside,” she says in the video.
Reportedly, she was put in Green Valley School, Likabali in Lower Siang district.
Flooded by the barrage of criticism, it is said she was later released from the quarantine centre and allowed to go for home quarantine. When contacted by this daily, Deputy Commissioner Lower Siang AK Singh denied inhuman treatment.
The DC said, “It was not inhuman treatment. She was alone in the quarantine facility and after RT-PCR test she was released for home quarantine.”
“She was kept in the QF in a school along with two women police personnel around the clock. I, along with my SP and DMO had visited her and briefed her also. Counselling was done by the doctors too,” DC Singh added while denying she was locked from the outside.
Many citizens who have been quarantined continue to share their experiences using social media, exposing how unprepared the state is.