Crucial time

Chief Minister Pema Khandu announced on Thursday that stranded Arunachalees will be allowed to return in a staggered manner. At present the people of Arunachal staying in various parts of the northeastern states are being brought back to the state. Most of the NE states are in the green zone and therefore the risk factor is low. However, when the people from the red zones start to return, the real problem will start. The risk factor will be high and the measures put in place by the government will be tested. The government has made it mandatory for all the people returning to undergo 14 days’ institutional quarantine.
Further, all of them will be tested for Covid-19. These two measures are main the weapon in the battle against Covid-19. It is the duty of all the people returning to the state to strictly adhere to the measures put in place by government. Also, it is the job of the health workers, police and magistrates posted at the check gates and quarantine centres to ensure that no one violates the measures framed by the government. As the lockdown is being gradually eased across the nation, there will be more interstate movement. This is going to put up massive challenge for the state. The next one month is going to be decisive for the state in the battle against Covid-19. The role of every citizen will be crucial and they will have to assist the government in this regard.