Reduce crowd during viva

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the APPSC for informing us about the APPSCCE viva voce around 28 days in advance. Further, I would like to request the APPSC’s chairperson and secretary to please divide the candidates into two slots – morning and afternoon batches – for each day of the viva as per their serial numbers. This will further reduce the crowd gathering for viva as we know that Covid-19 is not going to end soon and in viva there will be a lot of candidates coming from different districts and states, which increases the risk of infection.
By dividing the candidates into two batches each day, the candidates for the afternoon batch can directly come in the afternoon for the viva, which will reduce crowd gathering.
I would like to request the APPSC to please look into the matter. Let us ensure that Arunachal remains Covid-19-free.
A candidate