Towards early completion of MV Road

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank Governor BD Mishra for his constant follow-ups with the ministry and the department for the Miao-Vijoynagar aka MV Road. His proactive initiative and interest will definitely give us a ray of hope that very soon, we, the people of Vijoynagar, can visit our own home and travel outside whenever we wish. The local people will also gain a huge benefit economically, since they can easily sell their agricultural produce to the nearby market, thereby becoming self-sufficient and increasing their standard of living.
Also, many educated unemployed youths can have numerous scopes for self-employment opportunities in the agricultural and tourism sectors. Government staffs will show their willingness to be posted, which will help in improvement of education, health and local administration.
However, based on ground reality, the extended deadline of 31 March, 2021 seems to be quite impossible given the actual progress made so far. Adding to this, monsoon season is starting and due to inclement weather all the work-in-progress are frozen during this season and there will be only a few months left post monsoon to meet the deadline.
During monsoon many under-construction roads and bridges are also washed away. This will be a good excuse for the contractors failing to meet the deadline and hence, they will again seek additional funds and a new deadline. This will continue, as has been continuing so far.
My suggestion to the governor is that during a review meeting, the following important points should also be taken into consideration for timely, efficient and effective completion of MV Road:
1. Fixing key performance indicators (KPI) for each project and evaluating the same on a regular basis.
2. The KPIs should also include funds allocated, disbursed as on date, work status, etc.
3. The KPIs should be presented through various modes, viz, graphical, pictorial, etc, through which even a layman can understand its progress.
4. Independent external audit must be regularly conducted, which will directly report to the governor and the chief minister, thereby ensuring effective monitoring and supervision.
5. If there is any doubt about the contractor, then they must be terminated immediately.
6. If the project still not sure of being completed, MV Road should be handed over to the BRO or a reputed construction firm having national/international track record. This has been actually the genuine demand of the people of Vijoynagar.
Bhumi Upadhayaya,