Youth tests negative for Covid-19, says he was concerned about safety

Staff Reporter
SEPPA, May 15: The youth in East Kameng HQ Seppa who was reportedly suspected of showing Covid-19 symptoms has tested negative.
His swab sample had been collected on Thursday and sent to Tomo Riba Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (TRIHMS) in Naharlagun for RT-PCR test.
There had been panic in Seppa over the report of the youth showing Covid-19 symptoms, after the district administration declared upper ALC Line, where the youth resides, a ‘containment zone’.
The state Covid-19 testing lab in TRIHMS released the RT-PCR test result at around 5:15 on Friday evening, confirming negative. Reportedly, the youth has tested negative for a second time after having been put into institutional quarantine at the quarantine centre in Seppa.
The panic started when the youth had reported about his suspected mild symptoms to the doctor at the district hospital in Seppa. After coming to know that he had recently been released from the quarantine centre, the doctor reportedly suggested to him to contact the Covid control room.
When the youth contacted the control room, he was detained and brought to the Covid care centre, and two of his relatives whom he had close contact with were taken to the quarantine centre. Subsequently, the district administration declared the locality a containment zone.
The report of his detention went viral with a fake report claiming that a Covid-19 positive case had been detected in Seppa, which compelled the youth to make a video, clarifying that he is not Covid-19 positive but had developed suspected symptoms after he rode a motorcycle and had chilled aerated drink.
The youth appealed to the public not to spread fake news about his medical status as it might put his entire family in danger.
After his sample tested negative, the youth was released from the Covid care centre, and instructed to follow home quarantine.
On being contacted, the youth said, “It is a huge relief to dispel the panic among the people. I was concerned about my own safety and my family members’ safety after seeing the rumour about me. I knew I did not have Covid-19.”
The district administration has now reportedly declared upper ALC Line a ‘de-contain zone’ and lifted the restriction on entry and exit of people to and from the colony.