Recover the encroached land

The state government is all set to construct a new dedicated Covid-19 hospital at Midpu under Papum Pare district. The site is located near the present Mental Health hospital and is part of the land acquired for the hospital. The land was acquired way back in 1988 and landowners were even paid compensation for it.
However, it is alleged that approximately 70% of land have been encroached by the public.
On Thursday when the officials of the Papum Pare district administration tried to clear the area for the construction of the Covid-19 hospital there was resistance by the people living in the area.
Though district administration did not officially acknowledge but as per the local source the people who are living in the encroached land put up stiff resistance and police had to intervene. This is a very tragic development.
The land encroachment has become such a major issue in the state especially in the capital complex region. The majority of the government lands have been encroached upon and if this continues, in future the government will be left with no land to set up infrastructure projects.
This is the second time that the govt land meant for development of medical project has been encroached by private individuals while the administration looks on.
At Pachin near Naharlagun, a huge chunk of land acquired for establishment of medical college project has been encroached by the public. The state government should not exhibit any leniency against the illegal land encroachers. They should use every means to recover these lands and strongly punish the land encroachers. If state has to progress the law of land will have to prevail.