Cardamom farmers seek relief from state govt

MENGIO, May 26: Local farmers here in Papum Pare district sought relief from the state government and appealed to send a team of experts to assess the loss of their large cardamom fields, as they have reportedly dried up.
Gyamar Tana, a public leader of the area, informed that horticulture farmers of Mengio circle are facing huge financial loss as the gardens have dried up.
“Several horticulture farmers have lost their large cardamom produce due to dry disease,” he said.
Tana informed that the farmers are also confined to the circle due to the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown and are unable to move to the capital to meet the authorities.
“I would like to appeal to our government to kindly look into the issues faced by the poor farmers of Mengio circle and also appeal to the district authority and horticulture department to immediately send a team of experts to assess the loss as well as guide the farmers to take measures to avoid such loss in the future,” Tana added.
He also appealed to the government to provide relief to the families to restart their cardamom production.