State observes World No Tobacco Day

ITANAGAR, May 31: The World No Tobacco Day was observed across the state on Sunday with awareness programmes on harmful effects of tobacco consumption, especially during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.
In the capital, the Indian Dental Association (IDA)-Arunachal Pradesh branch started off its weeklong in-clinic anti-tobacco awareness programme with the theme and online campaign ‘tobacco exposed’.
Due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, the IDA called on all dental professionals of the state to impart tobacco awareness among tobacco users or possible tobacco users and youth, and share the message on social media as part of the weeklong campaign.
“Tobacco is deadly in any form and threatens the health of everyone exposed to it.
Tobacco kills one person every four seconds worldwide and more than one million people die in India every year,” the IDA said in a release, adding: “Studies show that smokers have a higher risk for a severe case of coronavirus and spitting habits of tobacco chewers will increase spread of coronavirus,” it added and called on the young people to become a tobacco-free generation.
In West Kameng, the district tobacco control cell organized the day at the district headquarters of Bomdila and other health centres across the district with the theme ‘Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use’.
During an awareness activity, DMO Dr Dondu Wangne and NCD/ NTCP DPO Dr SK Thongon appealed to all to quit tobacco use and stay healthy. They also briefed about Covid-19 and tobacco use.
NTCP District Consultant Sang Dorjee Dirkhipa briefed about this year’s theme and said that the participation of all sections of society was necessary to guide the youth in the right direction for a tobacco-free lifestyle.
At Tawang, the district tobacco control cell in collaboration with Tawang Riders Club observed the World No tobacco Day at the district headquarters.
Riders of the club, including Dr Sangey Thinley and Dr D Magu and others organized a bicycle rally in the township starting from the Tawang monastery to raise awareness about harmful effects of tobacco consumption.
Later, NTPC district programme officer Dr Thinley gave awareness to those people observing quarantine in two quarantine centres in Tawang on the adverse effects of tobacco consumption.
Dr Thinley informed them that spitting in public places after chewing pan, tobacco and other tobacco products has been prohibited. He also informed them about the basic precautions a person can take to reduce the chance of contracting Covid-19.
The day was also observed at Jang sub-divisional headquarters, where Dr Rinchen Neema gave awareness to the public, police personnel and government employees about the ill effects of smoking and consumption of other tobacco products. (With DIPRO inputs)