Stop stigmatizing mental health issues

The unexpected death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has shocked the whole nation. The 34-year-old, who was considered to be an upcoming superstar, reportedly committed suicide at his home in Mumbai. His last rites were performed on Tuesday. His death has sparked a conversation over mental health issue in the country. It’s really unfortunate that it took the death of a young man to ignite this topic. In India, and here in Arunachal too, people are not very comfortable talking about mental health issue. The society at large discourages people from discussing this issue publicly.
Those who dare to share their mental health problems are openly stigmatized by the society. They are considered as weak and often mocked, even by their own family members. Because of this, many who have mental health issues do not dare to come out openly to share their problem. Perhaps the time has come for a change. The society should start accepting that mental health is like any other health problem. The people who are suffering from it need professional help. In Arunachal too, there are several people who are battling mental health issues. One should not forget how former CM Kalikho Pul committed suicide under difficult circumstances. Let us encourage the people who are suffering from mental health issues to seek professional help. Only medical help and support from loved ones can make things better for them. The stigmatization has to end.