A letter from the health department

Dear Editor,
Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. A sound and correct reporting by the media enlightens the public. It also brings in transparency and justice to any activity that is being executed by various agencies.
At times like today, that has been caused due to the pandemic, the whole state looks up to the media house for correct information regarding reality and truthfulness of stories.
At times like today, the government and various other organizations looks up to the media to deliver information, so that the public is benefitted. The media houses have been of great assistance in delivering positive and correct information.
Unfortunately, one particular media house has been promoting wrong ideas and incorrect information to the public about the health department. Such act of wrong reporting from the media brings bad repute to the department and nullifies all the efforts it is putting up to fight the pandemic. It also discourages the health functionaries that have been putting out all efforts in this fight.
A recent instance in this case is regarding the publication of an article titled ‘Delay in arrival of cabins hamper early completion of prefabricated Covid-19 hospital’ in a respected daily of the state, namely, The Arunachal Times, published on 25 June, 2020.
It has been mentioned therein more than once that no health officials have visited the construction site and show no interest in the project. This is entirely wrong and concocted. The department and its officials have been showing keen interest in the completion of the project.
Under the chairmanship of Dr H Payee (SNO, National Mental Health Programme), a committee was constituted to oversee the construction of the said facility with three other members. The members of this committee have been visiting the site on a daily basis, except on Sundays.
There are official and photographic evidences available with the department to negate the claim of this particular daily, “Health officials yet to visit site.”
The project is being executed by the PHED, government of Arunachal Pradesh. In spite of this fact, the team of the health department is overseeing the construction of the facility.

Dr M Lego,
DHS & Empowered Officer,
Epidemic Disease Prevention Regulation, 2020,
Arunachal Pradesh
(Editor’s note: This daily stands by its report.)