Monsoon unleashes fury again

Monsoons’ fury is on full display in the state. Unfortunately, two people lost their lives in the Itanagar capital region on Thursday. While one person was drowned while fishing at the Barapani river, a minor girl was buried in a landslide in Donyi Colony in Itanagar. With more rains predicted in the next few days, there are chances of more such accidents which might cause death. The heavy rainfall has destroyed roads and caused landslides, blocking the highways, and has flooded low-lying areas across the state. The capital complex district administration has urged the people living near riversides and landslide-prone areas to immediately vacate their homes.
However, it is seen that despite many such notices, the residents do not follow the order of the administration. Every year, when the monsoon season arrives, the administration issues such advisories. Due to failure to follow the order, many people lose their lives. Also, it is a matter of concern that many of these incidents happen because of the mistakes of the citizens. The blocking of drains by illegally constructing structures is one of the main reasons for large-scale damage during the monsoon season. In many areas, people construct structures by blocking streams and drains. Further, illegal earth-cutting along the highway and sector roads chokes the drain. This not only causes damage to the roads but also poses serious threat to human lives. The administration keeps on issuing notices, warning the people from indulging in reckless earth-cutting. However, strong action is never initiated, which emboldens them. It is time the state government identified all such structures across the capital region which are blocking drains and streams. These structures should be removed in order to keep the capital complex safe and secure.