Investigate attack on media thoroughly

In yet another incident of crime against journalists, a reporter of Gyoloo News, a digital media group was assaulted near the SMS Smelters factory at Lekhi, Naharlagun on Monday.
The journalist, Hofe Dada was reporting about the toxic gas released by the factory. The assaulter, who has been arrested, not only attacked him but also tried to damage his camera and phone.
This brazen daylight attack on a reporter who was performing his duty is condemnable.
It shows that there is no fear of law.
The police should prepare a strong case so that the attacker who has been identified as one Nangram Tapu, the security-cum-vigilance officer of the factory, is convicted in the court.
Most incidents of attacks on journalists in the state have not been properly investigated, and the accused have managed to go scot-free.
Even in the shooting case involving the deputy editor of this daily, Tongam Rina, the police failed to investigate properly. They botched up the case and in a way have helped the perpetrators to stay free.
Such repeated attacks on journalists in the state are really unfortunate. If this trend continues, young people will be reluctant to take up media professions.
Many have left already left the profession after working for a few years due to low salary and the unpredictable nature of work. The people of the state should understand that the presence of independent media is very important for the betterment of Arunachal Pradesh.
Let us support the media by allowing them to work freely and responsibly.