Clear the air

With citizens being infected with Covid-19 without any travel history, there is fear that community transmission has started in the state capital region.
On Tuesday, a police constable, a businessman and a health worker, with no travel history tested positive for Covid-19 in the capital region. This has sent shockwaves across the state.
The office of the SP capital was sealed after a constable working in the establishment branch tested positive. It raises a serious question mark on safety of the police force working in the field. More efforts should be made by the government to protect them.
There is increasing fear that community transmission is taking place in the capital region, but there is no clarity on this issue from the state government yet.
In the interest of the state, the health department should clear the air on this issue at the earliest. The longer they maintain silence, the more it is going to create chaos and confusion in the minds of the people. At this juncture, when there is need for clarity from the political and bureaucratic leadership, the lack of communication has made it even more difficult.
The people of the capital region are frustrated and are deeply angry over the situation. In fact, the lack of clarity will further complicate the situation.