Postpone written exam

The number of Covid-19 cases in Arunachal Pradesh is increasing at an alarming rate. It went from 0 to 300+ in a span of just a few weeks, and at present we have 200+ active cases in our state, out of which 100+ active cases are in the Itanagar capital region (ICR). It is even speculated that community transmission phase has already begun in the ICR.
The government and the administration are trying their best to curb the spread of this dreaded disease by imposing strict lockdown measures, but it seems to be of little to no avail without mass testing for the virus.
The written test for field investigator examination is scheduled to be held on 30 and 31 July, 2020, where more than 400 candidates are going to assemble from various parts of the state at the APPSC examination hall. I fear that such mass gathering in such unprecedented times might create another hotspot for the spread of the novel coronavirus even to the far-flung districts of Arunachal Pradesh.
One might argue that the young and robust population is relatively safe from Covid-19 as they have better immune system. But it can also be not denied that these young population have equal chances of spreading the disease to the elderly and children alike, risking their lives in the process.
Our state neither has sufficient medical facilities nor funds to deal with a sudden large-scale outbreak of Covid-19. The monsoon rains have already done much damage to lives and properties in the form of landslides and floods in various parts of the state. It is high time to prioritize our needs and utilize the resources available to us efficiently.
Instead of conducting a mass gathering now, the APPSC can utilize this time to clear their backlog. The results of the written exams for RFO and JE are yet to be out, which were held 2-4 years ago. The motto should not be only to conduct exams in fast and fair manner but also to conduct it in a safe environment.
A concerned candidate