Is lockdown the only way out?

The government of India had imposed a nationwide lockdown since 24 March under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, with certain relaxations over the months to break the chain of the virus. Many frontline workers like health staffs, police staffs, administrative departments and media are working like a shield 24/7 to overcome the challenges.
However, owing to lack of coordination by the public who are not complying with the SOPs issued by the central and state governments, there is a spike in cases day by day in spite of lockdowns. We are accountable too for such circumstances, as the state government alone cannot fight this cumbersome battle.
Being responsible and aware citizens, we at least can contribute by not moving out until it is very necessary. We should be staying back at home, maintaining proper SOP and spreading awareness to unaware senior citizens, as well.
Perhaps, imposing lockdown is in some way an effective tool and might yield better results, but it won’t be effective unless the public abides by the advisories.
Meanwhile, during this gloomy situation because of the monsoons and Covid-19, we should lessen some load from the state government and the frontline workers by abiding by the guidelines religiously and properly. Therefore, I request every the public of the capital complex to please cooperate with the state government in fighting this Covid war.
We may not win this war immediately but definitely we will.
Kalung Apa,