Lack of health infrastructure and panic reaction

As the number of Covid-19 cases has worryingly increased in the capital complex, the people are starting to behave panicky.
On Tuesday, locals protested against the decision to convert the newly constructed MLA apartments in Itanagar into a 40-bedded Covid hospital.
There is also a report that locals are creating trouble in the construction of the prefabricated Covid-19 hospital at Midpu under Papum Pare district. The workers are being threatened and harassed by the locals of the area. They have also reportedly encroached into the hospital premises by constructing fences.
It is really unfortunate that at a time when everyone should be supporting the government, a few sections of people are behaving in such a manner.
The police and district administration should take strong action against these people under the disaster management act for disrupting the work. The law of the land should prevail at any cost. With TRIHMS not able to cope with the growing number of Covid cases, there is an urgent need for alternative health infrastructure in the capital region.
What is worrying is that the number of Covid-19 cases is expected to further rise in the Capital Complex in the days to come.
It is also a matter of deep concern that despite having so much time to prepare, the health department is still struggling for the required infrastructure.
The dedicated prefabricated Covid hospital in Midpu has been in the offing for the last two months.
The failure to finish work of the prefabricated hospital on time raises a question mark over the efficiency of the health department in particular and the state government in general.