Webinar on motivating police force

BANDERDEWA, Jul 15: A webinar was organized in the Police Training Centre here on Wednesday on ‘Motivating the police force in the times of Covid-19’.
Attending the webinar, DGP RP Upadhyaya emphasized on “motivating the force during this time of new and additional responsibilities of the force.”
He stressed that the welfare of the force is paramount along with their safety during this crisis in particular.
He also said that the SsP must know their personnel and in turn the personnel must know their commanders for effective response to the challenges being faced.
He pointed out that the SsP must ensure that the barracks are up to the mark and the police staff do not face any hardship for basic amenities like water, electricity and toilets, etc.
The webinar was also attended by all district SsP and COs of IRBN and APBN and SP (F&ES).