Stop rumour-mongering

With the number of Covid-19 cases rising in the state, especially in the Itanagar capital region, there is growing fear among the citizens. The people are starting to panic, and this is leading to rumour-mongering. Social media is flooded with all kinds of fake reports about Covid-19. Also, blame game over the spread of the virus has started. The situation indeed is looking stark at this juncture. To a certain level, the state government is responsible for it. Lack of clarity and poor dissemination of information are the main causes for the rumour-mongering.
The moment the authorities see any kind of fake news on social media, it should immediately retort with facts. As of now, the DIPR has been assigned to fact-check, but its fact-checking takes a lot of time. By the time the truth is revealed, fake news is already spread like wildfire. Therefore, more people should be assigned the job of fact-checking. The coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the whole world. Everyone should join hands to fight this pandemic. There is no time for blame games and everything should be done in a transparent way. With the number of cases rising, the situation will further deteriorate, especially in the capital region. Therefore, people should stop spreading rumours that make the situation difficult for the frontline workers. It is time to together fight the battle against Covid-19.