Rapid antigen tests to be carried out in Miao and Namphai circles

[ Pisi Zauing ]

MIAO, Jul 26: The health authorities here in Changlang district will carry out rapid antigen tests in Miao and Namphai circles from Monday, following the detection of four Covid-19 positive cases outside the institutional quarantine facilities.

The tests will be carried out at vulnerable places like banks, hotels, restaurants, liquor shops, grocery shops, forest-based industries, and ferry ghats, and on drivers associated with supply of essential commodities, informed Miao CHC MO Dr H Jongsam.

Dr Jongsam appealed to all to cooperate with the medical team that will be engaged in the task.

Meanwhile, the Miao Singpho Ramma Hpung has said it will approach the ADC and the MO to have rapid antigen tests conducted on its volunteers who are engaged in spreading awareness on Covid-19, in apprehension that the volunteers might have at some point come in contact with coronavirus carriers.