The woes of physical education and sports profession

We would like to tell the woes of the physical education professionals to all.
As everyone knows, for more than a decade now there has been no proper recruitment, no proper advertisements done regarding the appointment of physical education teachers (PET) in all the schools of the state, assistant district sports officers (ADSO), district sports officers (DSO) in all the districts and director, deputy director, assistant director in all the colleges and universities, yoga instructor, etc, within the state, despite having vacant posts.
The CBSE, the UGC and the NCTE have already circulated the notice/circular that the PET, director, deputy director, assistant director post is compulsory in every school and college/university all over India. The state government only knows how to create new districts but they fail to understand the basic requirement for the post of games and sports within the district as well as state such as PET, ADSO, DSO, director, deputy director and assistant director for the overall development of games and sports.
We are one of the deprived associations in the state, where the government is playing a hide-and-seek game with us, as is evident from the fact that no proper recruitment has been done for the last 10-20 years. This negligent behaviour on the part of the government in recruitment process will only be impeding our livelihood and basic rights but also discourage upcoming athletes to make careers in this profession, particularly physical education and sports professionals.
We are well aware how the political leaders of our state know how to deliver speech theoretically regarding the value of games and sports in any kind of gatherings, especially in any programme or competition where they are invited as guests. They know how and what words should be used to catch the attention of the public while delivering speeches regarding the value of games and sports without implementing it practically. One of the main reasons why our state is lagging in the games and sports scenario as compared to other states of the country is because of the involvement of politics in every aspect and also improper programme and policy. We know that many political leaders of our state belonged to sports background, but despite knowing the fact, they fail to understand the real meaning and values of games and sports for their political benefit and compel us from claiming the basic rights of the physical education and sports professionals.
Indeed it is a proud moment for all of us that at least due to the untiring efforts of Dr Anil Mili and Dr Tadang Minu, we availed the bachelor in physical education (BPEd) as well as doctorate in philosophy (Phd) in physical education courses at Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU), Rono Hills.
Recently RGU was also chosen to start sports science subject by the ministry of sports & youth affairs. From RGU alone, there will be more than 150 graduates since the course was started in 2015. Many students have successfully completed their BPEd, bachelor in physical education & sports (BPES), master in physical education (MPEd), master in physical education & sports (MPES), master in philosophy (MPhil), doctorate in philosophy (Phd) from various reputed institutes and colleges all over India. From this data we can safely assume that many students have passed out and pursuing this course, but they unable to get job due to poor recruitment process of the state government.
Keeping in mind all these things, we would like to suggest to the sports & youth affairs department and the education department to start planning to streamline the new education policy in our state.
Therefore, the Arunachal Pradesh Physical Education Association (APPEA) earnestly requests the state government to kindly see the grievances and consider these matters.
This is regarding our basic rights and livelihood, and we are ready to go up to any extent if we don’t get justice or rights on what we really deserve.
We also earnestly request and appeal to the general public of the state, NGOs, student unions, sports fraternity and media houses to kindly raise their voices and amplify such issues which will help the overall development of games and sports in our state. Your voice is our concern and your concern is our backbone. We believe that from now onwards under Chief Minister Pema Khandu we will definitely get justice and rights, which we really deserve since many years.
Members of APPEA
and aggrieved students of physical education profession