Land encroachment

I would like to express my thoughts on the prolonged issue relating to land encroachment in Arunachal Pradesh.
Recently, a serious charge on the Nampong MLA on the chronic issue of ‘encroachment on government land’ has grabbed the attention of the public on social media. It is indeed disheartening to witness an act like this – that too, by the political face of the area himself.
Political leaders are the face of society as they are elected by their constituents to represent and address the issues that prevail in the society. They are the ones to bring and initiate developmental activities for the benefit of the society at large. However, instead of constructing roads, the elected one himself indulges in encroaching the already constructed road which belongs to the public.
Had this act been carried out by any other individual, the thing would be different, but if it is done by such an influential person who represents the public, it’s a big question mark. Everybody raises concern over encroachment but no one takes any serious steps to control it. Hopefully, the authority concerned will take the issue raised by the public seriously.
Aggrieved Arunachalee