Provide basic facilities to police personnel on bandh duty

I want to draw the attention of the chief minister, the home minister and the DGP. Itanagar being the capital always has to face law and order situations. For such situations, forces are called from different districts and units to Itanagar. The 36-hour bandh called on 27-28 August is an example.
People can see on Facebook the modernized and well-equipped APP. The SP and jawans are seen in new armoured body protectors and equipment. For the modernized APP, I applaud the GoAP and the home minister.
But you have forgotten about lodging and food for those soldiers who will wear those armours and hold the equipment on duty. Only modern equipment will do no good.
For gazetted officers, lakhs and crores of rupees are spent on their messes, like in Chimpu. But there is no barrack to accommodate the sepoys and non-gazetted officers who are called for duty. The accommodations provided in schools and other places lack toilets, bathrooms and water connection. These are some basic rights we should get.
Law and order duty and calling of force to Itanagar is not a new thing. The GoAP and the PHQ should come up with a plan to build multistoried barracks on police land in and around Itanagar for non-gazetted staffers on such duties. The ladies are the worst sufferers.
I am a lady constable who has been called for duty in Itanagar with no proper accommodation.
A lady constable