It was just yesterday,
When I saw the blooming flowers;
As bright as buttons,
As if the whole was full of cotton.

It was just not long ago,
When I saw the dearly families;
As sweet as sugar,

It was just the last day,
When I saw the grand celebration;
As happy as a lark,
As if the whole was full of spark.

It is just here and now,
No more blooming flowers;
As silent as a grave,
As if they are lifeless slaves.

It is just at the moment,
It glance no more fields no more grounds;
As dry as a bone,
As if without them he is alone.

Life Is Unpredictable
And you never know
What is coming next?
Don’t ever get too comfortable.
Always be ready for change.

It was just the day ago,
When I saw the crowded roads;
As happy as a calm,
As if they bear off the palm.

It was just the other day,
When I saw the plucky players;
As bold as brass,
As if they woke upon the right side of the grass.

Behold! Nobody had ever thought,
Time can bring an awful drought;
As tough as a ghost,
As if the thing is utterly lost.

It is just this day,
It glance families set apart;
As isolated as ever,
As if they access the ache never.

It is just this very day,
It glance no more festive no more mass;
As lonely as the Moon,
As if it wasn’t before the Noon.