Nang Kham Weingken
Cl-XII (Arts), Dr. R.K School, Dibrugarh (Assam)

I chased my mind as I recall,
Are we really fine?
Our life has always been consumed by the norms made by the society.
We deny the simpler pleasure of existence.
Because that delights the life of others.

Limited belongings allow us to do on our very own.
Or else, ever since we have been stepped on this land,
We were being forced to say ‘ok’ and let the things go
Without even caring once, whether things were going right or wrong.

An awkward silence always ensues,
whenever I ask myself –
Am I caring too hard to do anything,
Keeping in mind the desires of others
Rather thinking about my own.

It is the only way to live here, isn’t it?
My inner voice replied.