‘Villainous staffer’

I am writing this complaint letter against one erring and villainous staffer of the Covid care centre (CCC) in Lekhi, Naharlagun. I tested positive for Covid-19 on 23 August, and now I have been shifted to Block D4, Room No 2 of the CCC.
On 31 August, at around 8:30 pm, I was talking to my mother on the phone in my room, but due to bad network connection in my room, I came outside and spoke with my mother. Suddenly I heard a voice from the opposite side of my building, ie, Block E, saying, “Andar chala jao nahi toh achha nahi hoga.”
I gently told him that I was talking to my mother, and that I came outside of the room because of the bad network connection, but he didn’t heed my request and persistently abused me on one pretext or another.
Further, I would like to inform that the department has already drawn a red line in the building, which the patients should not cross without prior permission from the nodal officer, and, as per direction, I didn’t cross the line and maintain all the SOPs issued by the government.
To my utter shock, suddenly, from out of nowhere the person who had been mentally abusing me came to our building, grabbed me by my T-shirt and physically assaulted me in front of other staffers and patients. Luckily, our building staffers intervened, and when one of the lady patients tried to explain, the erring staffer screamed at her, using abusive language, and even tried to physically assault her.
Therefore, in view of the aforementioned facts and circumstances, I would like to request the office of the Itanagar capital region deputy commissioner to register my case and arrest the person under appropriate sections of the law.
Deo Lorrah Sangno,
Block D4, Room No 2,
CCC, Lekhi