Gao wants panel to assess land PLA has seized in Arunachal since 1962

NEW DELHI, Sep 21: Lok Sabha member from Arunachal, Tapir Gao on Sunday demanded that a committee be formed under the chairmanship of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to assess how much Indian territory China has seized in the state since 1962.

Speaking during the zero hour, Gao said the line of actual control is not there in Arunachal. “There is a McMahon Line,” he said, adding that in 1914, British India’s Henry McMahon and the Dalai Lama’s representative signed an agreement in Shimla.

“There was no China at that time,” he said.

However, the mike was turned off as Gao had exhausted the time allotted to a member to speak. Later, the mike was again turned on, after which he demanded a panel headed by Birla.

“There should be a committee under your (Birla) leadership on how much square kilometre (of land) has China’s PLA seized since 1962,” Gao said. (PTI)