India’s lost opportunity

Once again India lost an opportunity to expose China on an international platform.
As many as 39 nations closed ranks at the United Nations to express grave concern over reports of gross violations of the human rights of the Uighurs at Xinjiang in northwest China and the crackdown on the democracy activists in Hong Kong.
Though the border stand-off strained relations between the two neighbours, New Delhi avoided joining France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, the United States and 33 other nations in criticizing Beijing for violation of human rights.
This is shocking considering the fact that China has always used international forums to back Pakistan whenever it raised issues against India.
This, along with the refusal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to name China while criticizing the incursion into Indian Territory is baffling. The Chinese have exhibited extreme hostility against India, both at the border and in international forums. The LAC continues to remain tense as troops from both sides are battle-ready. Despite all the efforts, the Chinese are refusing to vacate from the land that they captured in the last five months.
India will have to accept the reality that China is an adversary and needs to be strongly tackled at all levels. There is nothing wrong in joining hands with countries that share similar concerns about erratic behavior of China.
Also, it is time that the Indian prime minister and others publicly start naming China and expose its nefarious activities along the LAC, particularly in eastern Ladakh.