Protecting women should be top priority

The recent incident of two minor girls being allegedly molested in Abo Tani Colony, Itanagar, is a matter of deep concern. The incident allegedly took place when they were going for a morning walk. The Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has sought detailed updates of the case from the SP and the women police station. The prompt intervention of the commission is appreciable. The capital police should investigate the matter and arrest the culprit at the earliest. Over the years, crimes against women are rising across the state. Molestation, rape, domestic violence, etc, are growing in Arunachal.

What worries most is the worrisome report of increase in rape and molestation cases. The tribal society used to witness very few such incidents in the past. But with globalization the situation is getting from bad to worse. There is a need for creating more awareness in this regard. Many young women and girls fear to report the incidents of rape and molestation. The social stigma attached to it deters them from coming out in the open. Crimes against women should be given top priority by the state police. Such cases should be fast-tracked. Unless the womenfolk feel safe to walk in the streets, the society will not truly develop. In a state like Arunachal, where women form a major chunk of the workforce, it is important to give them a society free from fear. Besides law enforcing agencies, the men also should play their part.