Dear rain

— Narmi Tatak

Dear rain, please be kind and humble to those who have work to do, without you.
Dear rain, please make sure to satiate those whose fields are scarce of you

Dear rain, we cannot imagine how long you travelled to make our life blissful,
How beautifully you revamp into vapour, become a cloud, spread your darkness in the sky and suddenly you touch my feet with beautiful droplets
You’re the shortest example all we have to go back ultimately from where we commenced.

For some people, you’re darkness, sadness
For others like me, you’re that blissfulness,
Sounds that hide the serene delight.
Dear rain, for some people you had a strong streak of sadism,
But I wondered how assiduous and bold you are to overwhelmed happiness to us.
Dear rain, please be humble to someone who has a nasty notion of you.
But keep whelming me with your precious love of diamond droplets.
Dear rain, please spread your love and kindness like sunshine.
Dear rain please be humble