Letter to governor regarding APWB

The Autonomous Puroik Welfare Board (APWB) would like to clarify the recent press conference by the All Puroik Students’ Union regarding the matter related to improper functioning of the APWB by members.
The allegation made by the APSU is totally baseless and self-fabricated. We are proud to say that the APWB is functioning as per the proper guidance by the state government, and we have achieved so many things during our tenure. We deeply convey our gratitude to the governor and the chief minister of Arunachal for establishment of a Puroik board for the welfare of the Puroik community.
During our tenure we have taken landmark decision as follows:
1. We conducted bonded labour survey wherever Puroiks are living in Arunachal.
2. We visited many Puroik villages and created awareness on the need of official documents like Aadhaar.
3. We pursued the matter before the state government for demarcation of land for settlement of members of the Puroik community in various district headquarters, including the capital complex.
4. Due to our initiative, six Puroik girls were sent to Karnataka state for nursing course.
5. We also visited various circles/villages to collect the population of the Puroik community.
6. We selected 120 beneficiaries to avail loan facilities under the Livelihood Generation Scheme.
7. During our tenure, the state government has taken a landmark decision for construction of boys’ and girls’ hostels for Puroik boys and girls in Mani village, Doimukh.
8. During our tenure, 10 candidates from the Puroik community have been recruited in various posts under the APWB.
Despite many hurdles, members of the APWB continue to do our job for the welfare of the Puroik community without any incentive/honorarium.
The APWB requests the governor to kindly fix the tenure of the APWB chairman at least for 3-5 years, so that we can work smoothly without hurdles. Frequent change of chairman may hamper many developmental activities and coordination between members and the chairman.
Keeping in view the above facts and circumstances, it is crystal clear that the allegation made by the Puroik students’ union are totally false, fabricated and with malafide intention to defame the APWB.
Siji Kasung,
Sije Takia
& Siji Nanu,
Autonomous Puroik Welfare Board