Worrying development

In a report which should set alarm bell ringing in the power of corridor at New Delhi, the China is all set to start the construction of the strategic Sichuan-Tibet railway between Ya’an in southwest Sichuan province and Linzhi in Tibet, close to the Indian border in Arunachal. China has been pumping in massive money to upgrade the infrastructure on their side of the border. Many new rail, road and airports are coming up along the line of actual control on the Chinese side of the border. The Chinese government is making all out efforts to drastically improve the infrastructure.

The situation is just opposite on the other side of the border. Till today Arunachal Pradesh do not have proper road connectivity. The situation is worse along the LAC. Most of the districts located near the Indo-China border have no proper road connectivity. People depend on porter tracks to remain in touch with the outside world. Successive governments at the centre and in the state have only given lip service. No government made any serious attempt to drastically improve the road, rail and air connectivity in the state. From the recent Ladakh experience it is clear that China wants to expand the territory and will definitely make similar attempts in Arunachal Pradesh too. Only way to stop them is by constructing proper road infrastructure along the LAC. New Delhi should wake up from deep slumber and get their act together before the situation turns worse.