Maintain vigil for quality construction

Members of the All Lower Subansiri District Students’ Union (ALSDSU) recently visited the ongoing Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) work being executed in the district and requested all the executing agencies involved in the project to execute the work properly and ensure quality.

The ALSDSU should continue to put pressure on the district administration and constructing agencies in the future as well to ensure the quality of work.

In fact, pressure groups and NGOs across the state should start checking the quality of infrastructure work being taken up in their respective districts.

Arunachal Pradesh is facing massive problems because of the poor quality of work.

Most of the infrastructure projects being taken up in the state, especially the road projects have suffered due to poor quality work. Often contractors compromise with the quality.

Massive corruption takes place in the execution of these projects.

This is one of the main reasons for the backwardness of the state. The government agencies appointed for the monitoring of these projects do not work properly. They are often bribed because of which they fail to perform their duty.

Now the onus lies with the citizens to remain vigil. They should monitor the work and report it to the authorities if they find anything wrong.

However, unnecessary hurdles should not be created and only genuine concerns should be raised.