Protect migratory birds

Officials of the forest department of Longding district on Monday spotted Amur falcons in Niausa village. The sighting of these falcons, which migrate in large flocks from Siberia to Africa, crossing India, is a matter of immense joy. Besides falcons, many other migratory birds pass through Arunachal during the time of migration. These migratory birds need protection from the hunters. Many of the local residents are not aware of their importance and might hunt them for consumption.

Therefore it is of utmost importance to educate villagers about them. Also, the places where these migratory birds rest during the journey should be identified and developed as a tourist spot. It would be a big draw for tourists, especially wildlife enthusiasts. The environment & forests department, along with the department of tourism should work together. On its part, the forest department will have to create awareness. It will have to join hands with the local villagers and, if possible, engage community-based organizations. The tourism department should promote and market such places where migratory birds rest during their journey. A proper research will have to be carried out in this regard. The sighting of Amur falcons has given a lot of hope and enthusiasm to the wildlife enthusiasts of the state.