Need to observe SOPs in schools

Schools across the state are reopening for Classes 10 and 12 from Monday onwards. The state government recently took the decision to restart the classes. Since March this year, the schools all over the state have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The government has declared that if Classes 10 and 12 are successfully conducted, it may explore the possibility of starting other classes, as well. However, everyone should remember that Covid-19 is still spreading in the state. With the winter setting in, experts warn that the situation may worsen in the coming days.

Therefore the schools have to be very careful. The state government has issued standard operating procedures (SOP) for all the schools. On their part, the school authorities should make sure that the SOPs are strictly followed. The government should regularly conduct surprise checking to ensure that schools properly follow the advisories. The state government has taken a huge risk by deciding to start classes for the students of the Classes 10 and 12. If the school authorities fail to properly follow the SOPs, there is every chance that Covid-19 may spread. Such a situation will not only put the lives of the students at risk but also may lead to the spread of Covid-19 in the community. The education and the health departments will have to work in tandem. Also, in many schools, especially in the government-run schools, senior teachers who are vulnerable to Covid-19 work. They face greater risk owing to their age. The education department should look into these factors while detailing teachers for the classes.