Don’t sell your votes

During every election, various Christian groups in the state make appeals for a corruption-free election. Organizations like the Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC), the Arunachal Pradesh Christian Revival Church Council, etc, have put out an appeal, urging people not to sell their votes during the coming panchayat and municipal elections. Such kind of appeal is made before every election but till now it has not been really effective. Although this kind of attempt is appreciable, unless it has the desired effect on ground, it does not serve any purpose. The organizations will have to make more effort on the ground level to truly bring the required change.
In the coming municipal and panchayat elections, people have the opportunity to choose the leaders of their choice. They should exercise their electoral franchise without selling their votes. Let the best candidates win the elections. One of the main reasons for the underdevelopment of the state is the culture of selling votes during elections. The candidates have to spend a massive amount of money during elections. After winning the election, they get busy in making money to recover the election expenses. This badly affects the development process. Therefore, in the coming elections, people should pledge to vote without selling themselves to the highest bidder. Make a new change and be the agent of change. Don’t wait for organizations to come and teach you the value of voting. Elect the best leader who promises to work sincerely for the development of your area.