Party-hopping begins

There is a buzz in the state capital that six out of the seven Janata Dal (United) MLAs will soon join the BJP. The rumour has further been fueled by the decision of the JD (U) to serve show cause notices to three sitting MLAs. They have been put under suspension and served 14 days’ notice for anti-party activities. It looks like the culture of party-hopping will continue in the state. After every election, the MLAs elected on opposition party tickets make a beeline to join the ruling party.

Not only MLAs, even the ordinary workers and lower ranked leaders are also joining the BJP as panchayat and municipal elections are round the corner. Everybody is seeking the ruling party tickets. Most of them will contest from other parties if they don’t get a ruling party ticket and after winning the election again they will make a beeline to join the BJP. In Arunachal, nobody wants to be in the opposition. It is because of this culture that the development of the state has been very slow. In a democracy, the role of the opposition is very important. They act as a watchdog and keep an eye on the activities of the ruling government. As the opposition is weak in the state, the ruling government is never held accountable. This gives them a free hand to indulge in corruption. In the next few days, it will be clear whether indeed the rumour turns true and JD (U) MLAs join the BJP or not. Nobody would be surprised if they join. But it will be a sad day for democracy in the state. It seems like some things never change in the state.