CM’s reassurance on secularism

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has sent out a strong message of unity during the indigenous faith day celebration. He termed religion as a personal choice and made it clear that secularism will prevail in the state.

This statement comes at a time when the state has been going through some kind of turmoil because of the Tawang church issue. Even though the state is ruled by the BJP, which clearly works on the Hindutva agenda, the BJP leaders of the state led by the CM himself have so far largely been following a secular agenda in the state.

In Arunachal Pradesh, tribes follow various religions. The major religions being practiced in the state are indigenous faith, Hindu, Christianity, Buddhism etc. The CM rightly pointed out that people may follow different religions but origins of the tribes are the same. Religion is a personal choice and it should remain that way. The unnecessary attempt to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the state in the name of religion should be strongly resisted by every Arunachalee. There are forces working to create division among the tribal society based on religion and ethnicity. Every Arunachalee will have to rise to the occasion and stand up against these outside forces. Whatever religion one follows, the brotherhood should remain intact. Be a proud Christian, Hindu, Muslim, indigenous faith follower and Buddhist. One should follow one’s religion peacefully, without talking ill of the other’s religion.

The CM should control some of the fringe elements who are hell-bent on destroying the religious harmony in the state. No one should be allowed to cause religious tension in a peaceful state like ours.