IDA-APSB joins IMA protest

ITANAGAR, 12 Dec: The Indian Dental Association’s state branch (IDA-APSB) has joined the nationwide protest by the IDA and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) against the decision of the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) to allow postgraduate students of Ayurveda to receive training and practice modern surgery and dentistry.

In support of the protest, all the dental clinics and non-emergency operations in dental departments all over the state remained closed on Saturday.

“IDA-APSB firmly believes that allowing mixing of Ayurvedic practice with allopathic medicine and dentistry will not only degrade the quality of oral health provider but also disrupt the integrity of both allopathic medicine and traditional Ayurvedic medicine,” it stated in a press release.

“Moreover, government job opportunity in dentistry is already saturated and most of the dental practitioners in the country are self-employed; therefore, allowing practise of dental surgery by any other discipline of medicine will create unnecessary confusion, disharmony and degradation of prospect in the field of dentistry,” the IDA-APSB said, and called for immediate withdrawal of the CCIM’s contentious decision.