Mockery of democracy

The government of India has taken a strange decision to cancel the winter session of the parliament citing Covid-19 pandemic. This move comes as an agitation launched by farmers has shaken the BJP led Narendra Modi government. The agitation, which is going on near the Delhi-Haryana border for the last 20 days, has drawn massive support from across the country and it has worried the government.
This is for the first time that the winter session of the parliament has been skipped. The government of India is trying to use Covid-19 pandemic as a shield to hide their failure to conduct the session.
The elections, including state and local body elections have been conducted across the country in the last three months. Competitive exams have been held during the peak of Covid-19.
Some schools are open and universities are conducting exams. But the government says the winter session of Parliament can’t be held. This is making a mockery of democracy.
The government of India is acting against parliamentary democracy. The government seems to be worried that opposition parties might make a huge issue of ongoing farmer’s agitation if a parliament session is held.
The government which has been harping on digital India could have explored the potential to hold parliament sessions through digital mode if indeed Covid-19 pandemic is a threat. But this option too was never discussed.
Also, a majority of opposition leaders have claimed that they were not consulted by the government while taking the decision to cancel the winter session of parliament. This smacks of arrogance and complete disregard of democracy.