Democracy in jeopardy


Democracy as an ideology emerged in the ancient times. Though it is not a sole ideology to gauge every parameter, it has become universal (to an extent). The debate on whether the democratic form is the best is yet to be established in a concrete way because other forms are also doing well, such as China. However, though democracy cannot be regarded as the single best way to run a political process, it has given voice to the voiceless, and power to the powerless. It has irradiated the people in understanding the political process and to participate in it. It has relegated the arbitration and attenuated the notion of rule by a few. This made democracy a conspicuous ideology to be followed by many.

However, apropos to this, the current predicament seems to more of a jeer to democracy. Now people are falling in the trap of fallacy. Sections with vested interests are obfuscating the masses, thereby making them repudiate the other beliefs. People have become lackadaisical to address what is logically right. This is putting the very essence of democracy in jeopardy. The quelling of voices and not letting people enjoy their rights provided by the law of the land are nothing but loss of value system on which the democratic form stands. Anyone who speaks against the system (which in reality is speaking what one feels) is deemed anti. Moreover, the judiciary, which is one of the strong pillars of democracy, also seems to be shaking. In the name of doctrine of basic structure, the judiciary also seems to be interpreting the law of the land according to their convenience. Suo moto cognizance needs to be taken only in exceptional cases, rather than often.

Now people do not have the courage to speak their heart out. The judiciary needs to act as an elder brother, which it has done for long and thereby saved our democracy. The leadership also needs to give due consideration to every subject. It should not nibble and efface the sentiments of the people. Volition is the need of the hour, so that our democracy will prevail as it used to. The tenacious attitude without flexibility will exacerbate the problems. So, the current predicament needs to be settled like an elder brother than big brother, or else our belief system will break like a house of cards.

As democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people, it should give due consideration to everyone, irrespective of one’s religion, language, or party to which one is inclined.

Hage Opi

PhD Scholar,

Dept of Political Science,

Rajiv Gandhi University