Mayor launches IMC’s promo video

ITANAGAR, 24 Feb: Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Mayor Tame Phassang on Wednesday launched a promotional video of the IMC, titled To New Height, in the presence of IMC officials and corporators.

Launching the promo video, Phassang urged all the corporators to pull up their socks to make the state capital clean, green and peaceful. “We have to be more vigilant toward our duties as the public has much expectation on us and we have to stand on their faiths,” he said.

Phassang also urged the officials of the IMC to create awareness as much they can on all platforms.

“We don’t have to tell others what to do, but we have to start cleanliness from our homes, colonies and sectors. Only then will everything change automatically,” he said.

IMC Commissioner C Chukhu informed that the promo video has been made to create awareness among the public. “The video is also a reminder for us to work unitedly and to discharge our duties dedicatedly towards the IMC for a clean, green, and peaceful capital,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Biri Bassang also attended the event.